What equipment is needed for commercial hydroponics – is there a benefit?

As a commercial farmer, you know that choosing the right hydroponic system is vital to your success. Let’s take a look at some of the best hydroponic systems currently available. We’ll also give you tips on choosing the right system for your farm.

What types of crops can be grown in a commercial hydroponic system

Various crops can be grown in a commercial hydroponic system. A hydroponic co2 controller can help produce a variety of plants that would otherwise be susceptible to pests and diseases. For example, crops like lettuce are prone to several problems when grown in open fields, and growers have to take extra precautions to protect their harvest.


On the other hand, in a commercial hydroponic system, such a plant won’t only thrive, but you can have a full yield in as little as thirty days. Some of the other crops that can be grown in a commercial hydroponic system are as follows:

– Strawberries. This plant does just as well as lettuce in a commercial hydroponic system. If the soil pH is between 5.8 and 6.6, strawberry plants can produce an excellent crop within sixty days.

– Cucumbers. These plants prefer a warm environment throughout the growing season. It’s easier to maintain this in a smart grow controller.

– Spinach. Farmers often prefer to grow spinach in an environment where they can control the atmosphere.

– Beans. These are low-maintenance crops for a hydroponic garden, but they do particularly well in such an environment. If you grow beans in a hydroponic system, you can be sure of an excellent harvest. In a hydroponic system, you can expect an excellent harvest of beans.

– Bell peppers. Whether you are a commercial farmer or an amateur gardener, you need to be aware that growing peppers can be quite a challenge. These plants are prone to diseases, and getting a good harvest can be difficult. That’s why you need a hydroponic system where you can control the pH, light, and nutrient levels to get a good harvest.

In a commercial hydroponic system, you can grow various plants, from fruits to vegetables to lettuce leaves. The goal of the commercial hydroponic system is to increase yield and reduce crop loss. It creates optimal conditions in enclosures and sometimes even without soil. When you think about seasonal crops like strawberries and cucumbers, growers are often forced to produce them only during a specific season. However, you can grow these crops year-round with a hydroponic system. If you want to invest in fruits and vegetables to increase your profit margin, you can easily do so with the help of a hydroponic system. You can also expand your existing crops and find that the plants you grow in the controlled environment won’t suffer any losses.

Advantages of using a commercial hydroponic system for cultivation

The most significant advantage of the commercial hydroponic system for agricultural purposes is that it helps increase the harvest. A hydroponic system is considered a significant investment by most farmers. Initially, it is an investment, but it yields excellent returns. For example, the growth rates of all your plants are increased because you have complete control over the environment. You’re no longer dependent on the climate to provide your plants with enough sunlight and nutrients to thrive. This way, you can greatly increase the productivity of your plants.

Often, crops get swallowed up by weeds and pests. This can reduce overall production and expected profitability. However, a hydroponic system means no pests and no weeds. You won’t lose a single plant to weeds, problems, or disease, and all of your plants will produce the amount of crop you need. The plants are in ideal conditions, and there’s no plant loss and no crop failure. Some other advantages of the commercial hydroponic system for agriculture are:

– Plants aren’t susceptible to pests such as rats, mice, and groundhogs.

– You have complete control over the nutrients supplied to the plants. This makes for healthy plants and higher productivity.

– Fewer amounts of pesticides and insecticides are required, as you can produce naturally healthy and robust plants.

– It’s time-saving because you can increase the amount you harvest. In a commercial hydroponic system, plants start producing fruits or vegetables in lesser time.

So you see, if you use a fully automated hydroponic system, you can be sure that you’ll increase the productivity and profitability of your crops. It would help if you opted for a hydroponic system because it provides complete control over your production. In the field, plants can die due to drought, flooding, or other natural causes beyond our control. But in a commercial hydroponic system, the first thing you have is complete control over the environment. Then you can control the setting and create an environment conducive to the growth of your plants.

hydroponic plant cultivation system

If you have robust plants, you can be sure that there will be no crop failures, and you can get maximum production from a single crop. This is what a commercial hydroponic system guarantees. It reduces losses and gets the most out of production. This is the biggest advantage for growers.

What are the different hydroponic systems available on the market

If you look online at the hydroponic systems available on the market, you’ll find several. Each of them offers you different features for the environmental controller. But few provide an automated system and Greenhouse environment controller like GrowDirector. The objective of our hydroponic system is to give you complete control over your Greenhouse or grow room and let you do so even with the help of your smartphone. You do not have to worry about the system at all, and you do not have to keep adjusting the system, unlike the other hydroponic methods. That’s because we believe in reducing human intervention, and we do it by ensuring that once the information is incorporated, the system works as it should.

Here are some of the other systems on the market:

– Get Niwa. This hydroponic system is available to control the pump, humidity, light, and temperature. This is ideal for amateur gardeners. GrowDirector is suitable not just for amateur gardeners but also for commercial farmers. Our system is designed to work for everyone.

– Smartbee. This is ideal for grow room controlling. If you are looking for something that needs an automated grow room, not at a large scale, it is the perfect solution for you. Smartbee will send you automated messages to ensure that your grow room is perfectly controlled for the optimum growth of your plants.

– TrolMaster. It offers different hydroponic systems. They offer to grow room control systems, Greenhouse, and even large-scale solutions. However, their solutions can be pretty expensive and require maintenance.

There are several hydroponic solutions on the market that you can choose from. But why should you choose GrowDirector? The first reason behind your choice is that we offer a complete solution. Whether it’s a commercial hydroponic solution or one you are looking for in your home. We will provide it for you. You’ll find that all you require for the GrowDirector hydroponic solution is a WiFi connection. Once you are connected, the hydroponic system will work by itself. Once you have provided the commands, the system will function, providing the necessary conditions for your plants to thrive.


We ensure that human intervention is reduced, but the health of the plants is not compromised. Our objective is to make it easier to grow your crops and increase production.

We also ensure that all our services come at a reasonable price. When you evaluate the cost of the other hydroponic systems on the market, most of them come at a significantly high rate. We’ll provide you with all our devices at competitive rates and with maintenance services. If you face any issues, you can be assured that we’ll resolve them for you. Our objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

What are the different GrowDirector devices

We understand that no one hydroponic system can work for everyone. For example, if you are a commercial farmer, you will require a particular hydroponic system, which will differ from an amateur gardener’s. Therefore at GrowDirector, we offer six different devices. Now, these devices are not used separately; sometimes, they are used together to improve the performance of a single device. These devices are:

– HydroDirector. This is primarily a set of three pumps used to control the water, fertilizers, and the nutrients supplied to the plants. This is used both in commercial hydroponic systems and in the ones used in greenhouses. These pumps have sensors that can be purchased separately and control the number of nutrients you supply to the plants.

– SocketDirector. The SocketDirector must connect all the hydroponic system equipment to a single device. For instance, the pump, fan, and electrical appliances to control temperature, humidity, and soil moisture need to be handled with the help of sensors. These are connected to the SocketDirector, which contains all the devices and has WiFi connectivity.

– DryContactDirector. This is necessary for the commercial hydroponic system as it is required for the larger loads. Farmers who need to produce a significant amount of harvest prefer both the SocketDirector and the DryContactDirector as this gives them more control over their crops and the harvest. The DryContactDirector too can be managed with the help of a WiFi connection.

– DimmingDirector. As it is evident from the name, this is to control the lighting of your grow room. This too is WiFi controlled and has two channels. When you think of the optimum growing conditions for your plants, you must understand that you need to have proper light to thrive. Thus, the light needs to be controlled at all times. With the help of the DimmingDirector, you can ensure that your plants get just the correct amount of light at the right time to get the maximum harvest.

– ServerDirector. This is necessary for you to understand your grow room’s condition and evaluate the situation of your plants. If you want to ensure that your plants have the optimum condition to get the maximum harvest, you will need to monitor the state of the grow room. Thus, the condition of the grow rooms is automatically uploaded to a remote server which you can access from your smartphone. But to access the data, you will need to access it from your local network; you cannot access it from your mobile network.

– Sensors. We provide auxiliary elements, but you can complete the order as needed because you will understand what your plants need the most. For example, things like soil moisture control, flow meter, carbon dioxide control, the soil’s pH level, and soil nutrients will have to be controlled by you. Therefore, you will have to adjust the sensors for optimum control and ensure that the sensors work perfectly.

Our best product is GrowDirector, made with cutting-edge technology designed to ensure that all your fully automated grow system requirements are perfectly met. You’ll find that it comes with all the necessary sensors, pumps, and an intuitive interface to make farming easier for you.


If you’re thinking of buying a hydroponic system, you should select one that meets all your requirements.  If you contact us, you can be sure that we’ll offer you complete solutions. Fully automated hydroponics means that you don’t have to worry about managing the environment, nutrients, pH, humidity, and the other factors that affect the growth of your plants. We know that you as growers need to maximize productivity and often need to grow fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season. Therefore, you need to create an environment where plants can thrive even in one that’s not favorable to them. Here, there’s no alternative to a hydroponic system. At GrowDirector, we assure you that we’ll help you create this atmosphere for your plants, increase productivity, and ensure that all plants thrive with a minimum of intervention.

We’ll also help you overcome another challenge that’s an extensive investment. With our hydroponic system, the investment is also much less than the systems available on the market. We’ll review your requirements and help you choose your ideal equipment. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, which our team will take care of. We believe in innovative solutions that you can manage from your smartphone and minimal intervention. If you want to increase your profitability by offering off-season vegetables and fruits to your customers, we can help you by providing you with an excellent hydroponic system. You’ll find that it’ll help you increase your profitability in the long run and that your investment will pay off.

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