Can I have a Demo of GrowDirector?

Yes, of course! Use this link

Why should I buy GrowDirector?

GrowDirector is the only wireless device that does not need either controller or stable WiFi to operate. GrowDriector is the only device on the market that can expand to 16.000 devices and all wirelessly. GrowDirector has the complete set of devices that any grower might need we are talking: Hydroponics, LED dimming, set of sensors: Air: temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2; Soil: Moisture, EC; Water : EC, pH, DO, ORP, temperature; Light: LUX, PAR; Flowmeter. GrowDirector enables you to control any high or low voltage device; Any electrical device controlled by sensors, data, time or any combination thereof; We have electrical sockets as well as dry contacts; Our hydroponic device has 3 dosing pumps that are capable of up to 48,000 doses per minute (this is not a typo, it is our patented technology)
GrowDirector is made in Israel by the best and brightest engineers and agricultural experts in the field. It is our goal to make sure you work less.

Is it good for hydroponics?

We would say great, GrowDirector is the only system who can simultaneously monitor, dose and record the pH, EC, DO, ORP all in one system, no numerous devices and interfaces.

Hydroponics: How many dosing pumps can I connect?

Our revolutionary technology allows us to reach up to 48.000 (it’s not a typo) Hydroponic pumps what the maximum size of water tank that each system can control

What is the maximum size of the water reservoir that GrowDriector can handle?

The dosing pumps are typically used for up to 2.600 gallons ( 10.000 L). The SocketDirector can also be connected to your own pumps by outlets or DryContactDirector by dry relays, so you can get an unlimited number of pumps.

How does GrowDirector's wireless solution work?

Redundancy and reliability are the hallmarks of our patented mesh network protocols. Devices can communicate with each other even if one is inoperative, either directly or via an intermediate device.

There are a few options at your disposal
  • Regular WiFi router (even if not stable) once you installed GrowDirector, you are able to set the schedule, and GrowDirector will remember it even if your WiFi is off, they can communicate with each other through router (no WiFi needed)
  • Offline you need to purchase our NetworkDirector it will create a virtual network so every device can communicate regardless of any internet connection. You can install in a remote location with no network or as a redundancy device for a large network.
  • Even if you connect 16.000 devices at once, they will not overwhelm your network or router. Our communication is going through our hardware, and the router is only used by one station as an access point to the internet
Where can I purchase GrowDirector?
What kind of security protocol do you use for wireless communication

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption with self-signed certificates

Please give me more reason to purchase GrowDirector

GrowDirector is an extraordinarily expandable and flexible system that fits a variety of growers and setups. You can use it to grow one plant or purchase the whole system and grow hundreds of thousands plants. Everything has the same easy-to-use interface. It can handle various applications and methods used is it hydroponics, soil or any other medium. We can handle it all. LED dimming, dry relays, regular outlets. Our system can give you the power of a professional grower for small-scale growers. Our system can give wireless flexibility and options you never dream of for large-scale growers. We are here for any questions you might have

What GrowDirector can do?
  • Completely control and monitor your environments
  • Monitor
    • Air: temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2
    • Soil: Moisture, EC
    • Water : EC, pH, DO, ORP, temperature
    • Light: LUX, PAR
    • Flow meter
  • Control
    • Any high, low voltage device
    • Any electrical device and control it based on sensors, data, time or combination
    • We have regular electrical sockets as well as dry contact
    • LED Dimming
    • We have a dedicated hydroponic device with 3 dosing pumps can be extended to 16,000
Where GrowDirector can be used
  • Greenhouse
  • Indoor and tent
  • Hydroponics
  • Any facility the needs control and automation
What equipment can be connected to GrowDirector
  • For EU 15A (220VAC) any equipment with sockets for Socket Director
  • If you use DryContactDirector than …..
What kind notification can I receive on my mobile
  • Any threshold like (temp over X, Humidity over X) etc.
  • When device was ON (you set a rule than if humidity is lower than 40% on humidifier) you can set a notification once the humidifier went ON and once it got OFF
What operations I can do from my phone

All, installing new devices, extension, make new rules stop old ruls, On of Off devices, etc.,

Do you have access though the web interface

Yes, complete access

What happens if I lost internet in my grow room

Our device will continue working, the only thing you won’t be able to access from the cloud until the internet is restored. Make sure that your router is on

What happens if power if OFF

Once the power is restored the device will be ON automatically, it will check the environment and start working as if nothing happened

I have a problem, what to do

You can access our website knowledge hub LINK<<, you can see our FAQ, or write to our support team contact@growdirector.com

I have a question and I didn't find an answer here, whom can I ask?

Please write to our support team contact@growdirector.com we will answer any question you might have