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As a professional leafy greens grower, you understand the challenges of hydroponic farming lettuce. GrowDirector is more than just technology – we're your trusted partner in achieving sustainable, profitable growth for your leafy greens operation. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and challenges, empowering you to overcome obstacles, maximize efficiency, and achieve your full potential.

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Designed for busy growers like you.
Precision Nutrition

Optimal nutrient delivery at each growth stage for healthier plants and maximum yields.

Disease Resistance

Automated climate control minimizes disease outbreaks, reducing reliance on chemicals.

Labor Savings

Automate repetitive tasks and cut labor costs by up to 42%, freeing your team for strategic work.

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time insights empower you to optimize your growing strategy for consistent, high-quality harvests.

Remote Control

Monitor and manage your operation from anywhere, giving you peace of mind and flexibility.


Reduce water and energy consumption while minimizing chemical use for a greener footprint.

Simple to Use

Intuitive interface makes automation accessible to growers of all experience levels.

Proven Result: 46% Labor Cost Reduction

Labor costs eating into profits: High labor needs for manual monitoring and adjustments in their NFT lettuce operation were squeezing profits and hindering the farm's ability to scale.


  • 46% Reduction in Labor Costs. Freed up valuable workforce for higher-value tasks.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through automation.
  • Ensured consistent conditions for optimal lettuce development.
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts for potential issues, mitigating crop losses.
  • Minimized mistakes in nutrient dosing and environmental control.
  • Optimized water and nutrient usage for sustainability.

Customizable Solutions

GrowDirector Adapts to Your Specific Requirements







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