About Us


GrowDirector is an Israeli company in which a team of experienced agriculturists and a team of IT developers work together to make cultivation easy and fun for everyone.

We aim to provide unique technology with an extremely easy-to-use interface, enabling every grower to handle it. We are committed to developing high-quality systems at an affordable price.

Our main goal is to make cultivation easy and fun for everyone, with the highest performance for any crop in any type of growing system, creating so, the common language when talking about plants growing automation.

Knowledge is power, GrowDirector will make you a superman



    We provide a unique, automated agricultural system developed for urban growers, capable of adapting to any growing environment and handling any unexpected eventualities.

    The benefits of GrowDirector are proportional to the growers’ concern to find a definitive, stable device that meets their needs. Its elegant design and easy, innovative usability make it unique, positioning it well ahead of its predecessors.

    GrowDirector is the right choice for people who want to improve their yield without spending too much time and money on automating their growing. The uniquely designed command center reduces errors and efforts by providing preset programs and Hydroponic Control Systems USA. It is scalable, so if you add plants you do not need to add controllers.

    The Ultimate System

    for Automation of Home Growing

    This device is designed to track and promote the cultivation of agriculture in any scale


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