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GrowDirector is more than technology, it's a partnership built on a deep understanding of your unique challenges. Let us help you navigate the complexities of commercial DWC and achieve sustainable growth.

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Oxygen Optimization

Automate air pump cycles and monitor dissolved oxygen levels to ensure optimal root zone conditions.

Precise Nutrient Delivery

Maintain ideal nutrient concentrations for vigorous growth and prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Temperature Control

Keep water temperatures stable to avoid root stress and promote optimal nutrient uptake.

Root Health Monitoring

Get early warnings for root health issues, allowing for timely intervention and minimizing losses.

User-Friendly Interface

GrowDirector is designed for ease of use. The intuitive interface makes it simple to set up, monitor, and control your indoor or greenhouse environment

DWC farm achieves perfectly balanced water with ease.

A duckweed farmer operating a large-scale DWC system in a net greenhouse struggled with maintaining consistent dissolved oxygen levels.


  • 42% Reduction in Labor Costs.
  • Experienced healthier plants and increased productivity.
  • Streamlined nutrient dosing and system management.
  • Quickly recouped their investment in automation through cost savings and increased yields.
  • Gained clear, actionable data to optimize their growing process.
Thriving duckweeds in DWC Hydroponic System
Precision DWC Farming Success

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