All in one controller


Smart grow controller GrowDirector will help you turn plant cultivation into a smart automated process by controlling all your needs with automated growing system.

GrowDirector 10 relays kit

Water, Air, and Soil

Allowing you to use a variety of growing methods. Whether an indoor, greenhouse, soil or hydroponic system, we support them all. All this while no prior knowledge needed.

Easy to Control

Access, monitor, and control critical growing parameters directly from the grow room controller's touch screen, web, or smartphone application.

Easy all-in-one control device out of the box

  • Lights


  • Irrigation


  • Environment


  • Remote control

    Remote control

  • Security


  • Sensors


Technical specifications GROWDIRECTOR 2.0

  • Weight: 2.2 kg. /4.8 lbs

  • 90 - 240VAC, 50 - 60Hz

  • 10.1” Touch Screen For Easy Operation

  • External 12v power supply

  • USB Expansion Ports

  • 8 different sensors can be connected

  • 10 Relay (Dry contacts up to 24V DC) including RS485 (ModBus) Additional 2 power kit (up to 8 sockets) 0-240VAC 15A

  • 2 power kits can be connected in total 8 outlets

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n

Grow Direction technical specifications

Technical specifications POWER KIT

  • Weight: 1 kg. /2.2 lbs

  • (4x) Controlled AC Power Sockets

  • 90 - 240VAC, 50 - 60Hz

  • AC

Technical specifications HYDRO KIT

  • Weight: 1 kg. /2.2 lbs

  • (4x) 4 dosing pump (nutrients and pH)

  • (3x) Input sensors (pH, EC, water temperature)

  • DC

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Growdirector app

Simple and convenient device management applications for computers, tablets and phones


Automated Grow Room Systems

Grow Director is the leading smart controller that provides control for automated greenhouse systems. We specialize in manufacturing a reliable and easy to use environmental controller. Our controller is appreciated by our customers as we provide them incredible deals on a fully automated grow system. With us, you can buy automated plant growing system at affordable prices and superior quality. We pride ourselves in offering a grow room climate controller. With years of expertise, we allow our users to take advantage of a cloud-based grow room monitoring system. We make sure you always get the best experience with our computer-controlled grow room system. If you are desperately looking to shop for grow room control systems, hop on our website, and get real-time experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greenhouse controller comes with elements that monitor and control temperature, humidity, EC, pH, CO2, fogging, and much more.

Human error and getting consistent product are major problems in the grow room. As a result, the environmental controller has been designed to help you cut down on those issues. You can easily monitor the various aspects of the automated greenhouse system that is essential to plant health.

Of course, yes! You will get plenty of benefits if you use smart grow room control system, as it will help you with climate control and monitor every stage with utmost ease. Most importantly, no more manual labour and guessing in the grow room as the current advanced algorithms of automated grow system will do all the hard work.

You can easily make your order for an environmental controller online on our website. Check our website and read the specifications of the controller to buy it at affordable prices. You can always send us a question and we would be more than happy to answer

We already have competitive prices. You can look for the best deals on grow room control system by browsing through our website. We understand how important the environment of grow room is. This is why we provide you the right deal that fits your budget and brings you ultimate benefits.