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HydroDirector - Nutrient & pH Management System

The ideal hydroponic greenhouse automation solution, HydroDirector can control up to 48,000 dosing pumps (when used in series), and collects and analyzes data from your sensors to ensure perfect water quality. Your pH, EC, water temperature, DO, and ORP can be precisely calibrated at any given time. Each HydroDirector module controls up to 3 pumps and 3 sensors, and can communicate and share data with other modules from the GrowDirector 3 PRO family.

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DryContactDirector - one of the GrowDirector's modules

The most versatile module, DryContactDirector allows you to control up to 64,000 electrical devices (when used in series), and automate any high-power or low-voltage equipment on any schedule you might want. Each DryContactDirector module has 4 dry contacts, and can communicate and share data with other modules from the GrowDirector 3 PRO family.

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SocketDirector - smart greenhouse controller

The perfect appliance controller, SocketDirector allows you to control up to 32,000 devices at a time (when used in series), and provides the means to completely automate any large appliances such as chillers, heaters, fans, dosing and irrigation pumps or any other devices your operations require. Each SocketDirector module has 2 sockets, and can communicate and share data with other modules from the GrowDirector 3 PRO family.

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SensorDirector - Create perfect greenhouse environment

The perfect foundation to your wireless climate control system, SensorDirector allows you to connect up to 64,000 different IoT sensors (when used in series) to your hydroponic automation system, so that you can gather all the most valuable data about your operations in real-time. Use the data gathered from your sensors to create separate, finely-tuned climate zones by configuring your control devices. Or simply collect and analyze your data to ensure that every single variable stays within the optimal range for your crop's health, and get notifications when anything falls outside that range. Each SensorDirector module controls 4 sensors, and can communicate and share data with other modules from the GrowDirector 3 PRO family.

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DimmerDirector - GrowDirector 3 pro greenhouse automation system

The most powerful LED lighting controller, DimmerDirector gives you control over up to 16,000 individual or daisy-chained LEDs (when using multiple modules in series). Put your entire operation's LED lighting on specific schedules, control brightness, and ensure that your plants are always in their ideal lighting conditions. Adapt your lighting during the day to monimize wasted electricity and plant overheating and stress. Each DimmerDirector module handles up to 100 individuals or daisy-chained LEDs, and can communicate and share data with other modules from the GrowDirector 3 PRO family.

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GrowDirector automation modules

The must-have redundancy and stability solution, ServerDirector provides you with a local virtual cloud that can run independently of the Internet, temporarily or permanently. Ensure all your sensors, devices, and equipment are always running uninterrupted, and are gathering the appropriate data regardless of whether you want an Internet connected solution or not. This is the perfect system for remote areas with unstable or non-existent internet, allowing you to get all the benefits of a smart-operation without being reliant on internet access.

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FACTS The Benefits Of Intelligence
  • Easy to use
    Decrease labor costs by up to 53%

    Manage any sized operation with the smallest workforce possible. Automate your entire operation by connecting all your equipment, devices and sensors. It is all wireless (no wired infrastructure needed) and completely modular, so you only get what you need and can scale up as you grow.

  • Reduce grower errors by up to 48%

    Track the consistent decline in grower errors as your AI (Machine Learning) system improves day by day. Leverage its ability to prevent grower mistakes, and adjust to and predict potential issues, while it continually improves accuracy over time.

  • GrowDirector PRO can do it ALL
    Increase yields by 31% on average

    Track significant expenses reductions while you watch your yields increase consistently. Great for any greenhouse in the building phase or existing ones that needs to be modernized to improve yields. GrowDirector is perfect for any growing media, from soil to hydroponics.

  • Reduce consumption

    Watch your resource expenditures decrease significantly once you are empowered with precise usage data. Includes every sensor you could need: pH, EC, DO, ORP, water and air temperature, humidity, VPD, soil moisture, CO2, PAR, LUX, flow meter, and more.

  • Access from anywhere
    Store and analyze data to make smart decisions

    Intuitive app provides 24/7 control & monitoring from your phone, tablet, PC at any time, from anywhere with alert notifications, and comprehensive analytics. Stay informed all the time so you can take appropriate actions at any time, knowing you're also supported by AI.

  • Set it fast
    Set up in minutes

    Incredibly simple installation means you can install any system yourself in minutes, no need for installers. Compatibility with other software means you can share data between your current system and GrowDirector 3 PRO API or layer GrowDirector 3 PRO on top of your current setup.

GrowDirector 3 PRO App

Powerful Software For Powerful Hardware

  • Benefit from having detailed control over every aspect of your grow operations, from lighting to sensors to irrigation, all wrapped up in an intuitive software suite with rich analytics.
  • Connect any device you have on site: irrigation & dosing pumps, fans, LED lights, chillers & heaters, and more. Let the system work manually or automate the operations by creating highly customized rules, all setup in minutes.
  • Receive valuable insights about your plants, so you can make better decisions and forecast outcomes.
  • Receive data from all your sensors 24/7, and stay informed with rich analytics, alerts and notifications.
  • Get access from your phone, tablet, and PC, anywhere, at any time.

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    Greenhouse Owner USA
    “GrowDirector has greatly reduced our labor costs by automating our climate control system, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our operation.”
    Greenhouse Owner USA
    Indoor Grower Germany
    “The precision and accuracy of GrowDirector has led to increased yields in our crops and has reduced the number of grower errors.”
    Indoor Grower Germany
    Greenhouse Owner Israel
    “GrowDirector has made our hydroponic operation run smoother and more efficiently. We appreciate the time it saves us and the ability to monitor everything from our phones.”
    Greenhouse Owner Israel
    Learning Center Israel
    “When we started using the GrowDirector system, it made a significant difference. It now takes us only about 20% of the time to balance and take care of everything, reducing our workload.”
    Learning Center Israel
    Educational Center Israel
    “The center is engaged in the innovations and techniques studies used in agriculture, which is why their choice is GrowDirector development.”
    Educational Center Israel

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