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for all your growing needs

GrowDirector is one of a kind grow controller that turns your plant cultivation into a fully interactive, and automated process. Growers of all kinds of crop, from vegetable and fruits to cannabis at any skill level, can easily control and manage their operations right from their mobile device using the all-in-one GrowDirector controller

Easy all-in-one control device out of the box

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GrowDirector controller

GrowDirector can handle a wide variety of operations, including regulating lighting, climate, irrigation, nutrients dosage, pH correction tank levels, and security (floods, droughts, smoke).

GrowDirector’s possibilities are limited only by your imagination. It is a very flexible, open-source platform, which keeps step with your ingenuity.

GrowDirector’s architecture ensures the ability to work with any environment, regardless of its size, type, growing medium or growing system.

The system is fully configurable and scalable by means of an easy-to-use application, as boosted by remote control, notifications and analysis tools.

GrowDirector’s main goal is to be a system that can be used by any kind of grower in any kind of grow environment.

  • Smoke Detector

    Smoke Detector

  • Lights


  • CO2 PPM Sensor

    CO2 PPM Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor

  • Humidity Sensor

    Humidity Sensor

  • Irrigation Valves

    Irrigation Valves

  • Flow Sensor

    Flow Sensor

  • Water Pump

    Water Pump

  • pH Sensor

    pH Sensor

  • EC Sensor

    EC Sensor

  • Ultrasound Level Sensor

    Ultrasound Level Sensor

  • Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

    Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

  • CO2 Valve

    CO2 Valve

  • WebCam



Use cases and scope of use

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Growdirector app

Simple and convenient device management applications for computers, tablets and phones


Technical specifications

  • ac-controller-icon

    (4x) Controlled AC Power Sockets

  • inputs-icon

    (7x) Analog/Digital inputs

  • outputs-icon

    (7x) Analog/Digital (PWM Outputs)

  • relay-output-icon

    Relay Output (Normally Open)

  • touch-icon

    7” Touch Screen For Easy Operation

  • usb-icon

    (2x) USB Expansion Ports

  • on-off-icon

    On/Off Switch

  • hard-reset-icon

    Hard Reset Button

  • ac-power-switch-icon

    AC Power Switch

  • fuse-icon

    10 A Fuse

  • sim-card-icon

    SIM-Card Slot*

  • * SIM card slot will appear in version 2.0


The equipment includes:

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