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Take complete control of your greenhouse environment, from anywhere, with GrowDirector. Our industry-leading cultivation software offers remote greenhouse control unlike any other. Simplify your workflow,optimize plant growth, and maximize yields – all through a user-friendly mobile app.

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Effortless Automation & Real-Time Insights

Designed for busy growers like you.
Complete control

App software gives you complete control over your greenhouse or grow room environment.

Data-driven insights

GrowDirector 3 PRO App software provides you with real-time data insights to help you make informed decisions about your plants.


GrowDirector 3 PRO can automate all of your greenhouse or grow room processes.


System integrates with all of your greenhouse or grow room equipment and devices.


App software can be scaled to fit any size greenhouse or grow room operation without additional payments.

Remote monitoring

Monitor your greenhouse or grow room from anywhere.

User-Friendly Simplicity

Forget the complicated interfaces of other systems. GrowDirector's App is intuitive and easy to use. No need special knowledges and technical education.

how advanced automation technology using in real life for optimized crop production?

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