Automated Control

How Automated Control helps you Grow Cannabis with Ease

It’s the automation only that put the agriculture industry in what we call “Agriculture 4.0” now. Since general agriculture allows us to automate only a few aspects of farming like seed planting, irrigation, soil pH, pests and disease identifications, and harvesting and the factors like temperature, light, and humidity are beyond our control. But, indoor farming allows us to monitor and control all these factors manually or automatically. While growing cannabis, it could help to automate the light, temperature, humidity, pH, and water, they together make an environment that is best adaptable for growing cannabis with maximum yields.

Environmental controllers not only help us growing cannabis successfully but, it also extends per year growing cycles and extending the productivity for longer. Automation also minimizes the crop failures while growing cannabis indoors and keeps the overall environment controlled, for we save the cost of labor and overhead. Although to adjust the pH of the nutrients solution is critical for the success of the cannabis crop. However, controlling lights, humidity, and temperature of the grow room could put us on the track to superior and boosted yield.

Automating Lights

Light is the most critical factor that determines the growth and development of cannabis. Plants need light of different wavelength and variable intensity for different stages of growth. Once we know the lighting needs of the cannabis seedlings, growth, development, and flowering, we could place and adjust automation to perfection between the dark and illuminated periods of the day. It will keep us away from worrying whether to switch them on or off.

Automating Temperature

Temperature is another important factor that can be controlled with an environmental controller in a grow room. A temperature sensor could help us regulate the temperature between lower and upper limits. It could adjust either on the lower or upper limits and allows autocorrecting 24/7.

Automating Humidity

Other than controlling a temperature in a grow room, humidity level plays a vital role as a growth determinant. Cannabis seedlings need little water at transplanting, whereas the moisture needs increase gradually with vegetative growth and development of the plants. Using a moisture controller that starts ventilation automatically could regulate humidity to the desired level.

Automating Irrigation

Moisture sensors placed in a cannabis grow room could help to adjust the moisture level near the root zone and send signals to the environmental controller for starting or stopping an irrigation system. It could lead to feeding an optimum amount of water that they need for proper growth. Irrigation automation also helps us save a lot of water and nutrients.

Automated growing systems are performing extraordinary and helping thousands of cannabis growers getting quality productions across the globe.

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