GrowDirector: Advanced Automation Technology for Optimized Crop Production

Powered by AI (Machine Learning)

What do we provide?

Wireless Greenhouse Automation

This system excels in remote management and data-driven insights. Can be integrating with existing management systems. Experience the forefront of modern, efficient agriculture with a setup that’s both sleek and adaptable.

Free Software Application

Gain full control over your greenhouse with our no-cost management software. This application facilitates remote monitoring and management of greenhouse conditions, ensuring you’re always in control. It’s a cornerstone for automated nutrient management systems, especially in hydroponics, providing essential data-driven insights for optimizing your grow room or greenhouse environment.

Custom or Ready to go solutions

Our solutions, tailored or off-the-shelf, cater to every greenhouse size and type. They’re designed to seamlessly blend with your existing systems, reducing labor costs and increasing yields through streamlined greenhouse automation. Choose the kit that’s right for your unique needs and watch your efficiency soar.

AI Powered Climate Control System For Greenhouses Or Grow Rooms

Utilize our AI-driven system to create the perfect climate for your plants. This technology is key in reducing water usage with automated irrigation systems in greenhouses, ensuring optimal plant health through precise environmental adjustments based on real-time data.

Free Professional Agronomist Consultation / Technical support.

Take advantage of our free professional agronomist consultations and technical support. Our experts provide invaluable insights and assistance, helping you to maximize yield and address any challenges with the latest in agricultural technology and knowledge.

100% Guarantee Satisfaction

We’re committed to your success and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Trust in our dedication to quality and customer service, ensuring a risk-free investment in your agricultural future.

What will you get?

Benefits of using greenhouse automation for increased yield

  • 1

    Automated repetitive tasks

  • 2

    Remote monitoring and management of greenhouse conditions

  • 3

    Automated nutrient management systems for optimal plant health in hydroponics and other growing media.

  • 4

    Up to 53%  reducing labor costs and increasing yields with greenhouse automation

  • 5

    Data-driven insights for optimizing grow room environment and greenhouse conditions

  • 6

    Expert tips for choosing the right automation system for your specific needs

  • 7

    A flexible system, capable of automating your greenhouse independently or integrating automation with existing greenhouse management systems

  • 8

    Reducing water usage with automated irrigation systems in greenhouses

GrowDirector 3 PRO App

Powerful Software For Powerful Hardware

  • Benefit from having detailed control over every aspect of your grow operations, from lighting to sensors to irrigation, all wrapped up in an intuitive software suite with rich analytics.
  • Connect any device you have on site: irrigation & dosing pumps, fans, LED lights, chillers & heaters, and more. Let the system work manually or automate the operations by creating highly customized rules, all setup in minutes.
  • Receive valuable insights about your plants, so you can make better decisions and forecast outcomes.
  • Receive data from all your sensors 24/7, and stay informed with rich analytics, alerts and notifications.
  • Get access from your phone, tablet, and PC, anywhere, at any time.

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    Grow Your Business With GrowDirector 3 PRO Automation Systems.



    Greenhouse Owner USA
    “GrowDirector has greatly reduced our labor costs by automating our climate control system, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our operation.”
    Greenhouse Owner USA
    Indoor Grower Germany
    “The precision and accuracy of GrowDirector has led to increased yields in our crops and has reduced the number of grower errors.”
    Indoor Grower Germany
    Greenhouse Owner Israel
    “GrowDirector has made our hydroponic operation run smoother and more efficiently. We appreciate the time it saves us and the ability to monitor everything from our phones.”
    Greenhouse Owner Israel
    Learning Center Israel
    “When we started using the GrowDirector system, it made a significant difference. It now takes us only about 20% of the time to balance and take care of everything, reducing our workload.”
    Learning Center Israel
    Educational Center Israel
    “The center is engaged in the innovations and techniques studies used in agriculture, which is why their choice is GrowDirector development.”
    Educational Center Israel

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