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The complexity of managing greenhouse climates often leads to inconsistent crop yields, increased energy consumption,and the need for constant manual adjustments that take valuable time away from other critical tasks.

Simplify Greenhouse Climate Control, Maximize Yields

Consistent Climate, Consistent Yields

Maintain stable temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels throughout your greenhouse, regardless of external weather fluctuations, ensuring uniform growth and predictable harvests.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Optimize energy consumption with intelligent scheduling, automated adjustments, and data-driven insights, leading to lower energy bills and increased profitability.

Reduced Labor & Time Savings

Automate climate control tasks, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments and freeing up your team for more strategic work.

Pest & Disease Mitigation

Control ventilation and create optimal air circulation patterns to reduce the risk of pest and disease outbreaks, while maintaining healthy growing conditions.

Data-Driven Optimization

Track key climate metrics, receive real-time alerts, and make informed decisions to continuously improve your greenhouse environment and maximize yields

The Breakthrough That Saved a Harvest: Automation Success Story

The greenhouse grower struggled to maintain stable water conditions, including fertilizers, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels, while also battling an inconsistent greenhouse climate. This lack of control hindered plant growth and made achieving optimal yields an ongoing challenge.


  • Centralized control of all equipment and sensors
  • Achieved consistent control over fertilizer concentration, pH levels, and dissolved oxygen
  • Maintained the perfect temperature, humidity, and ventilation
  • Freed up 50% of the workforce from manual tasks
  • The optimized growing environment resulted in healthier plants and increased yields
  • Streamlined operations, reduced errors, and improved resource management

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CO2 control
Shading system operation
Irrigation pumps
Dosing pumps
Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
Data Monitoring
Other electrical devices

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