Computer Monitored Environment

Growing Cannabis in an Uncontrolled Environment Vs Computer Monitored Environment

What started as a covert solution to an illegal trade has become the secret to cultivating premium, award-winning strains. By growing cannabis indoors, growers will grow a smaller number of plants. This hands-on approach has allowed growers to perfect their practice in using a variety of techniques to increase potency and perfect flavor. Buds grown indoors tend to be smaller and denser (with a much cleaner trim job), but the THC is typically much higher.

This increased potency and premium flavor have made indoor cannabis especially appealing to connoisseurs who are willing to pay top dollar for their premium cannabis products.

Indoor cannabis flowering time is often shorter than grown outdoor.

Growing Cannabis in Uncontrolled Indoor Environment:

Many of the downsides of an uncontrolled environment are the amount of labor and time it will consume from a grower.

Failure to grow a stable and identical product every time. The need to constantly operate multiple sensors and equipment. An inability to leave your growth even for a week. Doing it manually makes it extremely hard to impossible to keep the perfect environment for the entire growing cycle. Thus, for sure hurting the result, the yield, and the THC.

Growing cannabis with the help of an environmental controller:

Labor is a huge expense in any grow operation. Automating the most labor-intensive processes will result in huge savings.

The use of an environmental controller for automation will significantly reduce the fluctuations of temperate, humidity, pH, and EC, etc. While giving the grower complete control of his environment and will help him to keep it stable.

Another upside of the environmental controller is that once you finished your growth and it went very well it’s very easy to duplicate the same environment for the next grow. On the other hand, if something went wrong it’s always easy to use environmental controller data to check what was happened during that growth and fix the mistakes for the next growth. Using the grow controller also gives a user abundance of data for him to analyze and perfect his technics for the next growth. Those helping him to become better each cycle he grows.

Automate temperature regulation, nutrient dosing, and pH and acidity testing. Minimize hand trimming. Trimming machines have come a long way in recent years, leaving little reason to use manual labor for the majority of your trimming needs. Only hand trims the nicest looking buds to maintain their appeal.

From a business standpoint, and a cultivation standpoint, the environment is everything.

Being able to control your environment is paramount in cultivating anything, but especially cannabis, so the grower has to make sure everything is in place to control the environment and then build around that.

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