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NFT Greenhouse Secrets: Elevating Lettuce Production

When it comes to NFT greenhouse projects, success begins with smart planning. Integrating automation at the project’s early stage is a strategic move. Why? It’s about having the right infrastructure in place.

Think about it – you need electricity for your automation modules, and you need to plan water and fertilizer tank locations. By embracing automation during the project’s infancy, you’ll ensure that everything is strategically positioned for maximum efficiency.

Smart project planning is the foundation for a thriving NFT greenhouse. Start with automation from the get-go.

With a 50% reduction in manual operations, they're poised to become a leading example of advanced greenhouse cultivation.

The HydroPro Kit - Your Path to Smart Greenhouse Transformation:

The HydroPro Kit - Your Path to Smart Greenhouse Transformation: To tackle these challenges head-on, we provided our comprehensive HydroPro Kit. It's the ultimate solution for growers seeking to transform their greenhouses into smart, efficient ecosystems. The HydroPro Kit includes:
  1. HydroDirector: Your go-to tool for maintaining water stability, ensuring the perfect blend of nutrients, pH levels, and dissolved oxygen.
  2. SocketDirector: Seamlessly connecting and controlling all your greenhouse equipment, making management a breeze.
  3. SensorDirector: Equipped with essential sensors, it keeps you informed about temperature, humidity, and more.
  4. DryContactDirector: Scheduling your heavy voltage equipment or make them work following the sensor's data.

In addition to these, our kit features:

  • pH Sensor: For precise pH level monitoring.
  • EC Sensor: Ensuring the right electrical conductivity for optimal plant growth.
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Keeping a watchful eye on the greenhouse climate.

ServerDirector - Uninterrupted Access, Rain or Shine:

Furthermore, for remote locations like Pkein, we offered the indispensable ServerDirector. This ingenious solution acts as a local virtual cloud, capable of running independently, even without internet access. This ensures offline and off-grid backup and system continuity, providing a secure, uninterrupted system access.

Protection Against the Elements:

To safeguard all these cutting-edge modules, we've assembled them in a robust, weather-resistant cabinet. This ensures your investment is protected from the elements, allowing your greenhouse to thrive, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

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