Improve yields. NFT greenhouse automated!

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Image of Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic System with healthy green plants immersed in nutrient-rich water

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How to control and monitor NFT greenhouse?

In this case study, we explore the success & story of a greenhouse that implemented the GrowDirector 3 PRO system to optimize their cultivation practices and achieve impressive results.

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To address these challenges, our team implemented a comprehensive water management and automation system, which brought about remarkable results.

Perfect Water Quality and Balance:

Our solution focused on achieving perfect water quality and balance within the NFT greenhouse system. By integrating advanced sensors and automated controls, we ensured precise regulation of the following parameters: pH Levels: Maintaining optimal pH levels is crucial for nutrient absorption and overall plant health. Our system ensured pH stability within the desired range, thus improving nutrient availability. Electrical Conductivity (EC): We fine-tuned the EC levels to provide the right amount of nutrients to the plants, eliminating over-fertilization or under-fertilization. Dissolved Oxygen (DO): Oxygen availability in the root zone is vital for root health and nutrient uptake. Our system maintained optimal DO levels, fostering robust root development. Water Temperature: Temperature plays a pivotal role in plant growth. Our automation system controlled water temperature to ensure it remained within the ideal range for the specific crop being cultivated.

Reduction in Labor Costs:

One of the most significant achievements of this automation was the substantial reduction in labor costs. The need for constant manual monitoring and adjustment of water parameters became a thing of the past.

With real-time data tracking and automated adjustments, labor costs were slashed by an impressive 50%.

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