Effective Greenhouse Climate Control for Extreme Weather

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Greenhouse Climate Control Strategies for Severe Weather

Client’s Problem

Grow Director’s Solution & Result

Equipment used in the case

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GrowDirector provided a comprehensive solution, innovation in greenhouse climate control.


  • HydroDirector for the 4000-liter circular water system
  • Socket Director
  • DryContact
  • Sensor Director with sensors for temperature, humidity, VPD, and more.

This unique case study is a testament to innovation in greenhouse climate control.

Nestled at the highest point in Israel, Majed Al Shams faces the brunt of temperature extremes. From scorching summers at +32°C to frigid winters at -5°C, the need for climate control is paramount.
Growers in this region rely on a dynamic system – cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. This 1000 SqM facility produces over 50,000 lettuce heads monthly using an NFT system.

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