ServerDirector - Connectivity for Farm Automation
GrowDirector automation modules

The must-have redundancy and stability solution, ServerDirector provides you with a local virtual cloud that can run independently of the Internet, for offline/off-grid backup and continuity, and secure, uninterrupted system access.

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What You Can Accomplish With ServerDirector

Creates A Virtual Cloud That Allows All Your GrowDirector Devices

Stay connected with your operation using our App, allowing you to monitor and control your system from anywhere

Add redundancy and stability of your entire operation regardless of Internet status, ideal in remote areas with unstable or non-existent Internet

Virtual cloud

Set up in minutes, decrease labor costs, reduce grower errors, increase yields, reduce resource consumption

Configure all kinds of settings

Leverage the power of AI to improve predictions and outcomes, while configuring automated routines in innovative ways that were previously unattainable

Automate the lighting process

Prevent grower errors, predict changes, and maintain the perfect climate balance with proactive and reactive incremental changes

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Enhance your crop yield and quality, our intuitive design and easy-to-read display make system operation and monitoring a breeze

Monitor the device

Set notifications for critical parameter changes, so that you are informed at the right time and can take prompt and appropriate action when needed

Track the system's performance with detailed analytics, and optimize your operation's productivity

  • ServerDirector - one of the GrowDirector 3 PRO modules
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
  • ServerDirector
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  • server-360-12
  • server-360-13
  • server-360-14
  • server-360-15
  • server-360-16
  • server-360-17
  • server-360-18
  • server-360-19
  • server-360-20
  • server-360-21
  • server-360-22
  • server-360-23


Each Device Is Equipped With:

  • 24 v power adapter
  • Built-in Wi-Fi transmitter
  • Internet connection
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Mounting brackets
  • Integrated unique AI (Machine Learning) software makes it easy to configure and control complex settings across your operations

GrowDirector 3 PRO devices are all configurable. Update their settings at any time through the App and view the history of the changes you have made over time.

You can do this from anywhere in the world as long as your on-site equipment device, or sensor is connected to the Internet.



1.02 kg / 2.55 lb


256x146x115 mm /

10 x 5.7 x 4.5 inches


24V power



2 years

GrowDirector 3 PRO App

Powerful Software For Powerful Hardware

  • Benefit from having detailed control over every aspect of your grow operations, from lighting to sensors to irrigation, all wrapped up in an intuitive software suite with rich analytics.
  • Connect any device you have on site: irrigation & dosing pumps, fans, LED lights, chillers & heaters, and more. Let the system work manually or automate the operations by creating highly customized rules, all setup in minutes.
  • Receive valuable insights about your plants, so you can make better decisions and forecast outcomes.
  • Receive data from all your sensors 24/7, and stay informed with rich analytics, alerts and notifications.
  • Get access from your phone, tablet, and PC, anywhere, at any time.

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