Building Your professional Indoor Grow Room

When it comes to designing a grow environment, there are a lot of things to consider such as workable space, climate, grow media, lighting, and even security.

A good start would be to measure your space in square feet. Each plant needs around 1 square meters of space. taking that into account will be your first step in designing your space and determining what your space can hold effectively. There are different technics that allows up to 8 plant on the same space but it depended on numerous factors, genetics and your experience.

Then there’s lighting. With so many lights available on the market its almost impossible not to find a product that will suit your need. From LED to HIDS, it all comes down to power consumption and what your willing to spend on operational costs.

You should also factor in the dimensions of your lighting. HIDS has a bigger profile and costs more to operate but does cover a wider area.

LEDs generally have a smaller profile while consuming much less power than HIDs but cover an area much less by comparison.

Now on to the climate. Environmental climate control is a major part of any successful grow. Drawing clean air into the space while exhausting old, stale air is a must if you want you plant grow healthy.

Plants needs good air circulation. Air circulation ensures that your plants will receive the much-needed CO2 they need to properly achieve photosynthesis. All plants undergo this process and is vital for their survival and health.  So choose greenhouse co2 controller carefully.

You also will need an air scrubber or carbon filter if you want to hide the smell that your plants have. These should be installed in line with any ductwork installed hung on the ceiling. Some filters are larger than others and need to be measured to factor into your space.

It’s also worth noting that the filters have a rating system that tells you how much air can be cleaned. This is called CFM (Cubic feet per Minute) So once your figure out the square feet of your space you should be mindful to pick a filter that reflects the CFM number of the filter. Having low CFM can hurt your plants as well, this means that the circulation will be slower the air exchange will not be sufficient and as a result you won’t give your plants enough fresh air and the plant won’t give you their maximum yield. Take care of your plants and they will give you the best yield you could ever imagine.

There’s also how your going to propagate your plants. Whether it be automated hydroponic farm or soil, keep in mind the rule of thumb with the 1 square meters per plant. Although as we mentioned there are many technic that will allow you to squeeze much more plant to this area but if you have enough space in your grow room give it to the plants they will thank you by giving a great yield.

There is also security involved here. Setting up cameras and locking systems is necessary whether for local laws or personal reasons. Always make sure to have good security. You will be glad you did if anything unfortunate ever happens.

All these things are important and must be done and monitored. But monitoring climate, light, feeding schedules, and security can be a real hassle and time-consuming. As well as you will always have errors by maintaining the prefect condition manually. Because the conditions are changing numerous times during the days those will make work very hard if you decide to do it manually.

The GrowDirector 2.0 greenhouse environmental controller is excellent for any grower. It takes care (observe, control and correct) of all environmental factors it will control and maintain the optimal environment for your plant with ease through its intuitive UI and smartphone app.

You can connect up to 8 sensors that can see growth problems in real-time! The system will alert you via mobile to any changes that need immediate attention that otherwise might go unnoticed.

So don’t worry about going out of town and leave it to chance GrowDirector will take care of your plants whenever you are.

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