The best CO2 meter for optimal plant health and growth

Carbon dioxide is crucial to a plant’s health. Since plants grow naturally outside, it can be challenging to grow them indoors. Whether you’re up for urban gardening, hydroponics, or any indoor gardening, choosing the best CO2 controller for grow room is essential.

Whether you are dealing with indoor, greenhouse, or urban gardening, it’s crucial to know about growing your plants effectively. If there’s one thing you should know, it is to regulate the carbon dioxide levels inside a grow room.

Fortunately, there are many ways to stabilize the carbon dioxide levels in your grow room. On one hand, there are natural ways, such as using propane gas. However, this is quite challenging since it can risk an explosion and other safety hazards.

On the other hand, there is one that we recommend – using a grow room controller. All you need is to purchase a device, learn the settings, and you’re good to go. It’s also safe to use.


If you’re curious about optimizing the growth of your plants, read on to know the best co2 controller for grow room and other alternatives for adequate plant growth.

Role of Carbon Dioxide for Plants

As we all know from science, plants inhale carbon dioxide, which helps them thrive. Thus, CO2 will make your plants grow faster and have a greater yield.

Carbon dioxide is inherently abundant in our environment; that’s why plants can grow anywhere outside. However, if you own an indoor farm or greenhouse, it’s essential to use a CO2 controller. This technology helps your plants grow optimally, similarly to plants inherently grown outside.

In simple terms, a CO2 controller measures and maintains the carbon dioxide level in a grow room. It retains the environmental level by sensing the ppm (parts per million) present in the air. It also can monitor the humidity and temperature levels in a grow room.

Hence, if you want to use a CO2 controller, read further to know the best ones in the market.

GrowDirector CO2 Controller


If there’s one CO2 controller that can do it all, it’s the GrowDirector. There’s a reason why it’s the first and best on our list.

GrowDirector is an automated system device that allows users to monitor the grow room’s CO2, water temperature, humidity, soil moisture, EC, VPD, and temperature levels. It has eight different sensors that make monitoring the settings possible for users. Additionally, users can receive real-time updates from a desktop or mobile app.

The controller kit also allows users to optimize the temperature and humidity levels in a grow room. Since GrowDirector is sensitive to the plants’ health changes, it automatically adjusts the sensors to emit the required CO2. It also helps users make sound decisions by showing data analytics on a mobile or desktop.

What’s also great with GrowDirector is, it can be used for a different scope of use – Indoor Growing, Urban Agriculture, Hydroponics, and Greenhouse Growing. Whether you want a greenhouse environment controller or a fully automated hydroponic system, GrowDirector got you covered.

Titan Controls CO2 Regulator


Next on our list is the Titan Controls CO2 Regulator. It is compatible with different power sources, especially with 120V controllers and timers. Hence, it is a product best for users new to using CO2 controllers.

This controller includes an oil-pressure gauge and a solenoid valve that enables CO2 to dispense smoothly. The device also comes with a dispensing tube of around 12 feet.

Moreover, the device is backed with two plastic-made tank washers, which are durable. It has an easy setup and can be used together with other CO2 controllers.

Grow Crew CO2 Regulator


Another CO2 controller worth looking into is the Grow Crew CO2 Regulator. The main difference with GrowDirector is that it’s manual and cannot be controlled, users can customize grow settings for hydroponics and indoor grow rooms.

It uses a CO2 yield of 20%, which is ideal for plants in general. It is also intelligent enough to emit CO2 when it needs to.

The package itself comes with several items needed for plant growth. These are two plastic tank washers, pressure gauge, CO2 dispensing tube, and solenoid valve.

Also, setting up Grow Crew is pretty straightforward. Unbox the package, then attach the thread into the CO2 tank. Then, adjust the flow of the CO2 according to the recommended settings.

This product is also built to last and offers a 1-year warranty for any problems users might encounter with this controller.

Day-night CO2 Monitor and Controller


This CO2 controller is popular since it has the highest reviews on Amazon.

What makes it good is it allows users to monitor and manage the CO2 levels in a grow room. Its multiple settings are versatile enough since it changes according to the current condition of the grow room.

It comes with a VAC 5A power cord that powers up the controller and triggers the CO2 production as needed. It also comes with a photosensor that blocks the CO2 flow during night-time.

Moreover, it has adjustable settings and controls to let users use it with ease. Also included in the Day-Night CO2 controller is the NDIR Sensing Technology LCD. This feature enables users to monitor CO2 levels throughout the day.

COLIBROX Hydroponics CO2 Regulator


Catered for hydroponics, COLIBROX is used to control the CO2 levels in a grow room to create a proper environment for plants. It enhances the CO2 levels in the grow room when it needs to. It also improves the CO2 yield by 40%. Hence, it’s considered an intelligent CO2 controller.

The power source has a 120V which is typical for every household. Overall, COLIBROX is a decent CO2 controller for indoor plant growing and hydroponics.

Carter Hydroponics


Most CO2 controllers offer quite a hefty price. Carter Hydroponics CO2 Controller is a good option if you want a reasonably priced controller. It has only basic features for hydroponic and indoor plant growing.

It works equally well with any indoor garden setting, which is good news if you have different plants in a grow room. It also automatically adjusts the CO2 growing settings, allowing users to see results from the device.

Despite being a reasonably priced controller, it includes essential items that usually come with any grow controller. The package consists of the flow gauge, precision regulator, and a quality solenoid valve. It also has a 6-foot power cable compatible with a 120V power supply.

Oppolite Hydroponics CO2 Regulator

If you need a CO2 controller or regulator for a hydroponic gardening system, we recommend using an Oppolite Hydroponics CO2 Controller.

Similar to other CO2 controllers, it has built-in precision tools such as a solenoid valve and flow gauge. It also has an integrated long power cord to make it easier for users to plug it into any power outlet without any problems. There’s also free plastic tubing that comes with the kit.

This CO2 controller for grow room also regulates the CO2 levels inside the grow room, especially for hydroponic plants. It can boost the growth rate of plants with its recommended settings. All in all, Oppolite Hydroponics CO2 Regulator has everything you need in a carbon dioxide controller, except that it’s only used for hydroponics.

However, there’s a downside to this controller. It does not offer any warranty. You have to pay for the repairs any issues you encounter with it. Also, the manual does not provide clear instructions that make it difficult to follow and understand.

The Takeaway


Plants thrive in well-regulated CO2 in a grow room. For this reason, owning a CO2 controller inside your grow room is essential. Not only does it maintain the optimal environment settings for the grow room, but it also reduces the risks of diseases and infestation for the plants.

Choosing the best CO2 controller in the market is not that difficult. Since we have provided the list above, you have a better reason to select the carbon dioxide controller that suits your needs.

Of course, you can conduct your research regarding the products we recommend. However, if you were to ask us the best CO2 controller in the market, no doubt, we recommend GrowDirector CO2 Controller.

GrowDirector is more than just a monitoring device. It automatically senses the environment inside the grow room and adjusts it for optimal plant growth. Plus, you can monitor and control the settings through your mobile phone or desktop.

You can also use it for any indoor growing setup, urban gardening, hydroponics, and greenhouse gardening. Overall, it’s a pretty convenient CO2 controller that allows you to check the status of the plant’s growth no matter where you are.

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