GrowDirector 3 PRO APP

The GrowDirector 3 PRO App is a powerful FREE tool that empowers gardeners and horticulturists with the control and data they need to effectively manage and optimize their greenhouse or grow room operations. Use the GrowDirector 3 PRO App to control all equipment, devices and sensors that are integrated into the GrowDirector 3 PRO system to handle various stages of the plant growing process, from seedling to harvest.

In sum, the GrowDirector 3 PRO App is the smart assistant you have been wishing for your entire career. The fully automated environmental management system, supported by machine learning for better profits, less labor and higher efficiency, is finally at your fingertips.

Smart phone in the hand with open screen GrowDirector 3 PRO App demonstrating greenhouse automation in action
GrowDirector - Intelligent Climate Control System for Horticulture
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Fully modular. Our system works just as well with just one module as it does as an interconnected network.

Incredibly simple. Installation is foolproof, there is no need for installers. Handle the installation yourself, in as little as minutes.

Impressively scalable. You can add as many wireless modules as you need to control any or all your operation's sensors, devices and equipment. Only get what you need and scale as you grow.

Growdirector App
Help Connect the Modules to Greenhouse Equipment and Devices
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Versatile. Our modules allow any equipment, devices or sensors you have on site to be precisely controlled and monitored from anywhere, at any time.

Empowering. You have the ability to control your climate control systems manually or you can greenhouse automation. You can even create different growing zones with custom rules for each equipment and device in that zone and use the data gathered to continuously experiment and improve growing conditions.

Familiar. Since you are working with your equipment and devices, there's no learning curve and you can get set up in minutes.

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Comprehensive. Integrate every sensor you could possibly need: pH, EC, DO, ORP, Temperature, Humidity, Soil Moisture, CO2, VPD, and more.

Insightful. Get a complete picture of every and any variable within your operations, at any time, from anywhere in the world, complete with rich analytics and valuable automated insights.

Key Features

  • Automate all processes and manage any sized greenhouse operation with the smallest workforce possible
  • Experience 24/7 control and monitoring from anywhere with alert notifications
  • Track the consistent decline in growers’ errors as the AI system improves day by day
  • Super intuitive and user friendly software available on your phone, tablet and PC
Plant growing process is easier with GrowDirector 3 PRO App on your PC or mobile device

GrowDirector 3 PRO

Transform your grow operations with the power of GrowDirector 3 PRO app. Download now and experience the difference.