Flow Meter Sensor


A flow meter sensor measures the rate of water or nutrient flow within irrigation systems. Flow meter sensors are critical in ensuring that plants receive the optimal amount of water and nutrients, as over or under watering can harm plant growth and development. Flow meter sensors work by measuring the volume of liquid passing through the system per unit of time, typically using a paddle wheel, turbine, or electromagnetic measurement mechanism. The sensor data can be used to adjust irrigation flow rates to maintain optimal growing conditions. Overall, flow meter sensors are an essential tool for horticulturists to maintain healthy plant growth and maximize crop yield.

Range: Temperature: 0-60°C (32-140°F) Humidity: 0-99% (RH) Flow rate: 1-30 l / min

Additional: Allowing pressure: ≤1.75 MPa

Cable: 2m (6.5ft)

Warranty: 6 months

Nett weight, g, +- 5g: n/a

Sensor dimensions, mm / inches, +- 3%: n/a

Gross weight, g, +- 10g: n/a

Box dimensions, mm / inches, +- 3%: n/a

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AI (Machine Learning)

  • Our AI is constantly analyzing every data point from every sensor. That data is provided as valuable and timely insights about growing conditions that enable you to make better decisions and reduce errors.
  • Can control the entire operation on its own based on the parameters you have set, so you don't have to constantly update and configure all your different growing conditions across your various climate zones and crop areas.
  • Automatically protects your crops by informing you when any devices or sensors have stopped working so you can provide replace the item or resolve the issue.
  • Prevents major errors and oversights by providing warnings and notifications when it determines that conditions are not optimal.

GrowDirector 3 PRO App

Powerful Software For Powerful Hardware

  • Benefit from having detailed control over every aspect of your grow operations, from lighting to sensors to irrigation, all wrapped up in an intuitive software suite with rich analytics.
  • Connect any device you have on site: irrigation & dosing pumps, fans, LED lights, chillers & heaters, and more. Let the system work manually or automate the operations by creating highly customized rules, all setup in minutes.
  • Receive valuable insights about your plants, so you can make better decisions and forecast outcomes.
  • Receive data from all your sensors 24/7, and stay informed with rich analytics, alerts and notifications.
  • Get access from your phone, tablet, and PC, anywhere, at any time.

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