About device

  • Easy, simple-to-use, intuitive user interface

  • Control your garden in three easy steps

  • The device and app were created to suit all kinds of growers: from the first time grower to the professional agriculturist

  • Connects to most standard sensors on the market

  • Input/output Configuration Wizard

  • Unlimited number of process rules (timers, thermometers, pumps, fans, vents, etc.)

  • Convenient dashboard

  • Multiple notification methods (SMS, email, app notification)

  • Cloud connection

  • Software update via Wi-Fi

  • Seven analog/digital inputs can be used as outputs; 7 outputs can be used as digital inputs. The device is equipped with 2 external USB 2.0
    ports, to which additional sensors can be connected. The device can support a broad range of growing setups

  • Up to 7 additional external output relays can be connected, enabling almost unlimited output

Technical specifications

  • ac-controller-icon

    (4x) Controlled AC Power Sockets

  • inputs-icon

    (7x) Analog/Digital inputs

  • outputs-icon

    (7x) Analog/Digital (PWM Outputs)

  • fuse-icon

    10 A Fuse

  • on-off-icon

    On/Off Switch

  • hard-reset-icon

    Hard Reset Button

  • ac-power-switch-icon

    AC Power Switch

  • relay-output-icon

    Relay Output (Normally Open)

  • touch-icon

    8” Touch Screen For Easy Operation

  • usb-icon

    (2x) USB Expansion Ports

The equipment includes:

  • Sensor_02_01_130

    Waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20

  • DHT-22_01_130

    Air temperature /humidity combo sensor DHT-22

  • FC-28_01_130

    Soil moisture sensor with control module FC28

  • MQ_2_01_130

    Smoke/flammable gas analog sensor MQ-2

  • MultiPen_01_130

    Universal Tool Screwdriver Pen Ruler Stylus for touch screen

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