Socket Box


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This Product Includes:
(1) Power Box (2m (6.5ft) Cable) with 4 universal outlets that can be controlled separately 

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Socket Box Details
With our Socket Box, you can effortlessly connect to our GrowDirector controller. It allows you to connect any electrical equipment that is currently being used for your grow room environment. Up to two of our socket boxes can be connected, offering you control of up to 8 separate devices by their outlets. Each device outlet can run different programs and different schedules that can be monitored from anywhere using our mobile app. Use our Socket Box to create and control environments for your plants. It gives you the ability to automate plant care without even being in the same country. Easily control a wide range of environmental factors from a distance to help your plants grow more effectively than ever before. It is perfect for use in grow rooms, grow tents, home gardens, greenhouses, and all other plant-friendly environments.