• Lights


    In the light sector, there are 4 universal outlets (socket box, up to 2 boxes can be connected total of 8 outlets) that support up to 1,200W for US/Canada and up to 2,300W for the EU (for the total outlets). It is possible to extend the capacity by connecting as many as 10 independent external relays, for which the capacity is limited only by the relay that you decide to connect (our relay work as controllers so any capacity you connect to it, it will be able to control). This allows a potentially unlimited capacity.

  • Irrigation


    The irrigation device connected through 10 dedicated relays allows you to fully automate the irrigation process. You can use our preset programs or create your own to perform the irrigation according to the schedule that you decide upon: either for the entire growing environment or with separate processes for plant groups.

  • Climate


    Temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD, light, soil moisture, pH and EC sensors enable you to be in charge of your climate. You can monitor and record the levels. You can also program a climate regime by connecting environmental controllers (heater, cooler, etc). In this way, GrowDirector will maintain the exact climate you have chosen.



    GrowDirector supports up to 8 switch sensors of your choice, allowing constant monitoring of your tank level. By programming a tank level and connecting pumps, you can automatically control the water level that you desire, drain and refill the tank.



    Connect GrowDirector to the internet and it can send you any kind of notification: email, or push notification through an app. It will also notify you in case any issues arise.



    By connecting GrowDirector to the internet it can be monitored or remotely control your system. No need to download software it can be done by two ways: either app or control it though your browser.

The Ultimate System

for Automation of Home Growing

This device is designed to track and promote the cultivation of agriculture in any scale


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