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Benefits of GrowDirector Pro

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About the app

Control all the sensors and equipment in your greenhouse or grow room from your phone, tablet or laptop. All kinds of media can be automated: from hydroponics to soil and everything in between. Controls any sensor, like temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD, EC, pH, DO, ORP, PAR, LUX, soil moisture and EC, flow meter, and many more to come. You can control anything in your greenhouse (light, irrigation, ventilation, etc.).

  1. Data analytics

    Data are available in the form of excel tables and charts. Reports can be downloaded in a convenient format and integrated into pre-set growing recipes.

  2. Push notifications

    Prevents and eliminates critical situations automatically. Notifies you if there's a problem.

  3. Simple to use

    User-friendly interface. Grow Director Pro can control up to 16,000 devices and merge them into one system, or divide them into different zones.

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