Indoor Growing

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Having read articles, watched videos, browsed through forums and expert groups – you have made a decision – you want to start home growing!

Home growing has long become an existing fact in our society and a norm in countries where legalization has taken effect. Home growers aspire to yield their own crops, nurture them and enjoy their produce.

Whether you home-growing for medical or recreational purposes, it wouldn’t be easy, to extract exactly what suits you from the abundance of available information, especially on your first time. Among the factors to consider are the space you use, the size of pots and planters, type of soil, your choice of equipment and the plant type you’re interested in.

Home growing has many advantages. Apart from knowing exactly how the plant is looked after and what it been fed, the cultivation process enables the grower to take part in a life cycle, get acquainted with the wonder of creation and watch closely how a seed turns into a sprout, a seedling, and finally a full-fledged blooming plant. The growing experience is perceived by most growers as an emotional one. The ability to follow the plants throughout their entire life cycle increases the satisfaction that accompanies the recreational use of yields and allows the medical user to ensure their quality and composition independent of external economic interests.

GrowDirector suits any level of home-growing, be it a flowerpot on a windowsill or an elaborate and sophisticated designated growing space. Automated greenhouse system GrowDirector will guide you right from the first stages of seeding, adjust itself to the unique characteristics of each growing stage and ensure the result meets your expectations.

Hydroponic Growing

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Hydroponics is a modern method of growing plants in a closed and controlled ecological system. A large variety of plants do not require the soil they grow in but use it as a growing medium. In practice, the plant use much of its energy in growing roots to gather the nutrients and natural fertilizers it requires from the soil.

Hydroponics makes use of water medium and dramatically reduces water usage (water is used as a permanent medium as opposed to irrigation), facilitates pest and disease control, and most importantly – contributes to high yields and rich produce in many plants’ species.

Thanks to the distribution of elegant, easy-to-use, home-growing devices, home-based automated hydroponics has proliferated in recent years. With GrowDirector, you too can grow your plants in a modern, clean and quality manner. Our platform is compatible with all the sensors required for hydroponic growing (such as water pH, EC, and temperature) and guides you right from the planting through the harvesting stage.

Greenhouse growing


Greenhouse growing is a well-known pastime around the world, allowing outdoor plants growing independent of their natural season. Greenhouses enable us to create a micro-climate we can control, and utilize sunlight while protecting plants from extreme cold, heat, dryness, strong winds and torrential rains.

Nowadays a variety of kits are available for many types of greenhouses – from simple, low-cost nylon-covered huts to highly designed structures with wooden and aluminum frames, along with a double-glazed covering for temperature retention.

GrowDirector takes plant-growing to a whole new level by creating an automated controlled environment with characteristics that can be managed and monitored, Whether your greenhouse is made from recycled materials or delivered from a prestigious packaging, GrowDirector will integrate wonderfully in it, adding an innovative and creative feature, and making climate controlled greenhouse from any type of greenhouses..

Home-based urban agriculture


A relatively new concept, urban agriculture refers to the idea of growing edible plants in a modern urban environment. While it has numerous benefits, its prime value is the way it harmonizes with the ecological, economic, and above all the social fabric of modern lifestyle. While urban agriculture could be found in a variety of locations such as designated parks and rooftops, GrowDirector specializes in its most accessible form – growing food within the space of the urban apartment.

One of urban agriculture’s main advantages is the production of fresh and healthy food – the ability to grow pesticide and chemical-free yields all the while knowing how they were treated and consume them straight off the plant.

In addition, research clearly indicates the positive impact that urban agriculture has on growers, from stress relief to a significant decrease in blood pressure. Beyond the personal aspect, urban agriculture contributes to environmental protection, helping to bring down refrigeration and transportation costs by saving on energy consumption, as well as reducing CO2 emissions in city centers. Due to GrowDirector has a hydroponic co2 controller, you can help reduce negative environmental impact. Lastly, based on long-term assessments, urban agriculture is considered cheaper than purchasing food in retail chain stores.

If you haven’t grown food at home yet, GrowDirector invites you to take an excellent decision for you and your family members. Nothing beats the sight of a blooming window-box with fresh herbs in the kitchen corner or the intoxicating smell emanating from home-grown cherry tomatoes in the salad. Even if you have never done it before – start growing food at home now. GrowDirector will accompany you throughout the stages and make you proud of your home-made lettuce salad like never before.

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